As one of the largest manufacturers of marzipan in the world, we pride ourselves on supplying products of a consistently high quality.

This is guaranteed at every step by our quality procedure:

  • High-quality raw materials
  • Safe and gentle production processes
  • Permanent quality control throughout the process
  • Finished goods tested in own laboratory
  • BRC and IFS certification

You can read more about how you can taste the difference and about the certificates we hold.


Sweet almonds

The majority of the almonds we use for our Odense marzipan come from California or Australia.

California is the world's largest producer of almonds and produces the majority of all the almonds we consume worldwide.

The almonds we use come from a limited area of California; from Bakersfield in the south to Chico in the north. The last share of almonds we get from Spain, Australia and Morocco.

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Apricot kernels

Bitter apricot kernels originate mainly from China and from Turkey. The apricot trees grow wild in the mountains, and their stones are collected by shepherds and farmers, who pass them on to larger companies where the stones are split and the kernels cleaned and packed.

We process the apricot kernels before using them in our products, as it gives the apricot kernels special properties. When you use apricot kernels in baking mass, the product has a better baking ability than when you only use almonds. Apricot kernels do not flow out as much at high temperatures as almonds do, and because of this they are suitable in baked cakes and tarts.

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Original ODENSE Marzipan

In Odense, the almonds are blanched and the skins removed. They are then chopped and mixed with sugar, before being milled using large stone rollers that produce the correct coarse texture. This process turns the finest almonds into Original ODENSE marzipan, entirely free from preservatives.

Our Original ODENSE marzipan contains 63% almonds, and we need 126 grams og almonds to produce a package of Original ODENSE marzipan of 200 grams.


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Baking marzipan

In addition to almonds, ODENSE baking marzipan also contains apricot kernels. The addition of these kernels ensures that the marzipan does not run when baked, making baking marzipan particularly suitable for kransekage (a marzipan-based cake traditionally eaten at celebrations in Denmark) and other cakes or tarts which must retain their shape.