Marzipan is not just marzipan

Basically, marzipan consist of almonds and sugar. But because the recipe is simple, it does not mean that marzipan, is just marzipan. It’s not that simple.

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The almonds makes the difference

The taste and marzipan quality depends on almonds quality, of the relationship between almonds and sugar, and the structure in the marzipan, which influence your taste experience.

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Taste and quality from California and Australia

Original ODENSE Marzipan is made of sweet Californian or Australian almonds. The ratio of almonds and sugar is carefully adjusted so that the marzipan get the right sweetness and the distinct almond flavor. We have chosen to use Californian and Australian almonds to Original ODENSE Marzipan because of their delicate taste, good quality and a very controlled cultivation. Original ODENSE Marzipan does not contain preservatives.

At Odense Marzipan, we attach great importance in using the freshest almonds as possible, as almonds taste better when they are fresh. California and Australia have different harvest times of the year, making we can produce marzipan with fresh almonds throughout the year. It provides a tasty marzipan all year round.

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You get a longer taste experience

As one of the only places in the world, we process the marzipan on original granite rollers. This means that the marzipan get a rougher texture that gives a longer taste and highlights the flavor nuances. That's why you can taste the difference between marzipan.