With unique products, concepts and applications as well as committed and competent employees, we add quality, competence and solutions within cakes, desserts and confectionery, thereby creating value for consumers and our customers.


We are always a natural part of cakes, desserts and confectionery with respect for quality.

Lille hindbærkage med oblater

At Odense Marcipan, we have 4 core values: 

  • BRAVE 

Based on these values, we have several living rules that must help to strengthen communication and cooperation at Odense Marcipan. As well as ensure basic values for good well-being, for which we all are responsible for.


  • Conversation creates opportunities instead of limitations
  • Conversation strengthens relationships
  • Dialogue makes you wiser
  • Måden, vi taler på, former os og vores arbejdsplads
  • Requires will, strength and openness about expectations of each other
  • Understand the importance of individual work tasks
  • Share knowledge and involve each other in decisions and solutions
Requirements and expectations
  • Odense Marcipan consists of many different people
  • We must all be responsible for each other
  • We have requirements and expectations for each other
  • We all have the right / duty to express our demands and expectations of each other
  • Show understanding and empathy for each other
  • Good colleagues create a good everyday life
  • Strengthen the sense of community through work and social events
  • Kindness breeds kindness