Almonds and nutrition


Marzipan is a treat that may be used as an ingredient in confectionery, cakes and desserts for special occasions all year round.

Marzipan is full of energy

Marzipan is made of almonds and sugar/glucose, which means that the total energy content is relatively high. Odense pure raw marzipan, for instance, contains 63% almonds and no preservatives. In other Odense products, the almonds are combined with or replaced by apricot kernels, which, among other things, are characterised by their excellent baking qualities.

Good nutrition in almonds and apricot kernels

Almonds and apricot kernels may be said to be some of our best foodstuffs. They both contains good nutrition. They have:

  • A high content of convertible energy
  • A high oil content with an almost perfect combination of unsaturated fatty acids
  • A high content of good quality protein
  • A high content of vitamin and minerals


Some of the proteins in almonds and apricot kernels may cause an allergic reaction in some individuals.