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Product range dedicated to bakery and confectionary

All of our production facilities are very flexible and fulfill the highest quality standards, in order to produce marzipan, nougat and other ready-made products. We are experts in customized recipes and products. We offer a large portfolio of marzipan, baking paste and sugar paste. We also have a range of nougat, chocolate, chocolate sauce and non-dairy cream. Our product range includes:

  • Raw marzipan
  • Marzipan variations
  • Baking paste
  • Marzipan cover
  • Almond products (ABC), including sliced, slivered, dcied, meal
  • Sugar paste
  • Macaroon paste
  • Nougat paste
  • Hazelnut nougat 



Product folders

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Sugar Paste 15 Nougat 15 marzicover 15 

Macaroon paste and ODENBAKE 15 Kranse XX 15 Coconut paste