At Odense Marcipan we focus on four cores values:

  • Quality conscious
  • Trustworthy
  • Inspiring
  • Brave

Based on these values​​, we have developed a description that will help to strengthen communication and cooperation in the workplace, in order to secure the basic values for welfare and job satisfaction, for which we all are responsibile. 


  • Dialogue creates opportunities, not limits
  • Dialogue bolsters relations
  • Dialogue makes us wiser
  • The way we talk shapes both us and our workplace


  • Collaboration requires will, strength and openness as regards our expectations of each other
  • We see the importance of the individual’s task, which, in the end, constitutes the greater whole
  • We share knowledge and involve each other in decisions and solutions

Requirements and expectations

  • Odense Marcipan is made up of many different people
  • We must all take responsibility for each other
  • We require and expect things from each other
  • We all have right/duty to express our demands and expectations of each other


  • We must all be understanding and empathic
  • Good colleagues make for a good atmosphere at work
  • Our sense of fellow-feeling is bolstered through work and social events
  • Kindness breeds kindness