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About Odense

  • Turnover approx. 350 mio DKK
  • No. of employees approx. 160
  • Unique and flexible marzipan production with a capacity of 20,000 ton marzipan
  • Odense Marcipan is one of the world's leading producers of marzipan
  • Odense Marcipan is the market leader in Scandinavia and the consumer, baker and the industry's preferred supplier
  • Apart from marzipan, produced and marketed a range of nougat, chocolate, nuts and almonds
  • We are represented throughout most of the world because we have a high export share. Approx. 60% of production exported primarily to North Europe / Scandinavia, but also to distant countries like Japan, USA, China and Australia
  • We are owned by ORKLA, and forms part of the ORKLA BRANDS, ORKLA Food Ingredients
  • BRC-certified in 2007
  • Products are marketed under the famous ODENSE brand and marketed to bakeries / patisseries, retail and food service sector
  • Likewise, higher sales for cake and confectionery manufacturers who use marzipan in their products

Find more information in our company brochure below: 

Odense Marcipan A/S - Toldbodgade 9-19 - DK-5000 Odense C - Telefon: +45 63117200 - Fax: +45 63117201 -